February 2019 Newsletter

News 2019 02

Two Major Projects funded by Friends

The Trustees of the Friends of Crowborough Hospital are delighted to have been able to provide substantial funds for the upgrading of the X Ray department (now completed) and the Birthing Centre (nearing completion).

X Ray

After a number of weeks working in Uckfield, and with our mobile X Ray machine we are finally back home in our X Ray room. Our patients have told us how happy they are to be able to attend their local Hospital and benefit from our new modern equipment, and are surprised and pleased that we have such equipment in a Community Hospital.

Crowborough Birthing Centre

Our first new birthing room is now up and running and we have had lovely feedback from the mums who have used it so far. The refurbishment works are continuing but we are making good progress and it is exciting to come on shift and see the changes happening. We are now starting to plan our opening event, when we are going to celebrate our newly refurbished unit. Details are waiting to be confirmed at this time.