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Maternity Services


Birthing Centre

The Trustees support the Midwife Team at our Hospital Birthing Centre, which is now managed and staffed by Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. This provides local women with a natural link to obstetric and maternity support services based at Tunbridge Wells

For a link to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust Maternity Services click here

These services, supported by Friends of Crowborough Hospital, contribute to healthier outcomes for families, fostering a strong foundation for the growth and development of our community.

Your support enables us to continue supporting the provision of excellent maternity care, ensuring every mother and baby receives the attention and care they deserve.

To contact the Birthing Centre please phone 01892 654080

Breast Feeding Cafe

The Friends of Crowborough Hospital and the Birth Centre Staff have teamed up to provide a new Breastfeeding Café in the Day Centre Crowborough Hospital. The Friends are funding the use of the day centre and providing the equipment and refreshments, with the staffing managed by the Birth Centre.

 As well as providing maternity care (antenatal and postnatal), the Birth Centre staff pride themselves on providing compassionate, woman-centred, care, which is reflected in the positive feedback the midwives receive. They had identified a need to provide an infant feeding support group as part of their service: a community based resource for new mums to meet, socialise and receive emotional support as well as expert feeding advice.

The café is free, funded by The Friends of Crowborough Hospital, and takes place from 9am – 12pm every Thursday morning. There is no need to book and parking is free, with refreshments provided. Older siblings are welcomed.

Please ring 01892 654080 for further information

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