February 2014 Newsletter

The Future of Maternity and Paediatric Services in East Sussex.

News 2014-02

A consultation by the three Clinical Commissioning Groups in East Sussex about maternity and paediatric services across the county has just started, entitled “Better Beginnings”. Members of the public are encouraged to comment, to give their views and to decide between 4 options which they feel would best serve the people of East Sussex. Two of these options would see the end of maternity services provided at Crowborough Hospital by East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

Edit Dec/2015 : The Better Beginnings initiative and website have closed and the following links are no longer active.

For more information visit www.betterbeginnings-nhs.net email call 01273 403563 or write freepost to: Better Beginnings, East Sussex CCGs, Freepost SEA2474, BN8 2ZZ.

People can also keep up to date with the Better Beginnings review on Twitter www.twitter.com/BetterBeginsES and Facebook www.facebook.com/betterbeginningseastsussex.