For further information, please contact us in one of the following ways:

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Social Day Service – Jane Hayward
telephone: 01892 653133
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@eci1569132872vresy1569132872ad1569132872

The Fete – Ricky & Nina Booth
telephone: 01342 825316
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@ete1569132872f1569132872

Transport – Office
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@tro1569132872psnar1569132872t1569132872

Volunteers – Richard Hallett
telephone: 07831 116767
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@sre1569132872etnul1569132872ov1569132872

Friends’ Officers

President – Dr Kate Stokes
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@tne1569132872diser1569132872p1569132872

Vice-President – Richard Hallett
telephone: 07831 116767
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@dra1569132872hcir1569132872

Chairman – Chantal Wilson
telephone: 01892 654033
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@nam1569132872riahc1569132872

Treasurer – Terry Moon
telephone: 07984 079809
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@rer1569132872usaer1569132872t1569132872

Secretary – Russell Wakefield
email: ku.gr1569132872o.hco1569132872f@yra1569132872terce1569132872s1569132872

Via the Internet

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On the Ground

The Friends of Crowborough Hospital
Crowborough War Memorial Hospital
South View Road
East Sussex
01892 664626 (Telephone)
Please note that this telephone number is manned by volunteers, when available. Contact by email is preferred.

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