August 2016 Newsletter

The AGM meeting and reception was held on Thursday 16th June

News 2016-08After enjoying refreshments provided by Miriam Boobier, attendees were warmly welcomed by Chairman, Chantal Wilson. Trustees, who retire in turn, were all reappointed as was the Treasurer, Terry Moon. The co-option of Dr Cathryn Stokes as a trustee was ratified by the meeting and Russell Wakefield was formally recognised as Charity Secretary.

Reports on the previous year were given by President, Ros Marriott, Chairman Chantal Wilson and Treasurer Terry Moon. These and other reports on the Social Day Service, Transport, the Fete, the Birth Centre, Neuro-Rehabilitaion, the Ward, Minor Injuries & X-ray can be found in the full Annual Report which is available on the Friends’ website.